FIC: Aftermath (Part 2)

I meant to get this put together properly yesterday but the sudden urge to sleep most of the day and part of the evening took over, so here it is, part two of my newest fic, Aftermath. Rating: PG-13 for now Pairing: Veronica/Logan Spoilers: Up to Weapons of Class Destruction (ep 1.18) Summary: What happens [...]

FIC: Aftermath

I swore up and down, and roundabout (Laura will attest to this) that I was moving away from fandom so that I could concentrate on the original stuff until I started my degree course in October, well again I couldn't have been further from wrong. Please witness the first part of my new project. It's [...]

FIC: After the Kiss

Well this is my first ever Veronica Mars fic. Talking with Laura last night I asked her whether I should write one, and as I sit here waiting for just two things (my doctor's appointment and last night's VM to finish downloading yay for bittorrent) I wrote this tiny little piece, it's only just over [...]