Veronica Mars S3

This isn't a rant exactly, it's more a series of comments on how I think the series is going. Please bear in mind this is my opinion, possibly shaded by my feelings on the way certain things throughout the series have been handled, and definitely affected by the fact that I think Veronica herself is [...]


This is horrible. I have work today - last day of the week - and I can't find a copy of last night's Veronica to download while I am there. What happened to the "it's online before you get up" thing that has been happening for the last 21 episodes? Did it all suddenly change [...]

What does it take?

Well, back at work, head aches just a bit, but that's to be expected, the lights above my desk are pretty harsh on the eyes - don't you just love artificial light because there are no windows? Anyway, I got an email today from Channel 4/E4, a month after I emailed them. They have no [...]

Veronica Mars Theories

Well, I am getting this in before I either accidentally see the spoilers for last night's episode (which is downloading as I type this - yep, it's not even six, yep, I have been up for nearly an hour), or I watch the episode (though that is unlikely to happen before I get home from [...]

It’s been a few days

Good grief. It’s Thursday and for the first time in probably forever I am feeling perky and positive. I actually bought new clothes this week, a really nice skirt and top (in a dark chocolate colour) and a jogging suit style outfit (it’s all in this lovely khaki green). Today I am going to buy [...]


<---me screaming at the injustice that is the fact that currently I can't find last night's Veronica Mars to download. Yes, I am well aware that of late my posts have been relatively inconsequential to anyone but me, but if I wrote down really what I was thinking I am sure someone, somewhere, would try [...]

Mini Squee

In amidst of all the crap a little light has been thrown to the end of my tunnel...Veronica Mars (which I have somehow allowed myself to become addicted to) has been renewed for a second season. Finally UPN are showing some sense, now all we need to do is persuade someone over here (in the [...]