A good weekend

Today marks day 7 with Darcy, she's settling in well, has marked her territory by rubbing over everything that is actually in the flat (apart from my bedroom), and just this morning she tried to take a shower with me; well, until she discovered that climbing into the bath meant she would get wet (then [...]

Life on Mars

I have refrained from making any comment on this show until it's end because I wasn't sure quite what to say about it. I have just seen the finale of the show - the last episode ever and as well as being confusing as all get out it was also genius. Absolutely inspired television, the [...]

Veronica Mars S3

This isn't a rant exactly, it's more a series of comments on how I think the series is going. Please bear in mind this is my opinion, possibly shaded by my feelings on the way certain things throughout the series have been handled, and definitely affected by the fact that I think Veronica herself is [...]


Not quite sure what to call this, a summary? a review? an opinion? Well...whatever, it is my view (sort of) on the last 6 episodes - we are almost halfway through the first series...why are british series so short? The first thing I thought when I watched the very first episode of this was “darker [...]