Yes, a random title, but it's the one that fits this post perfectly. A few weeks ago (two weeks today in fact) I went for an interview at a company that provides private health care services.  The job sounded quite interesting, is VERY local and the company isn't full of the bureaucracy that the larger [...]

Wasn’t for me

I never heard back from the agency.  It's been two days since I called them, and today I realised that perhaps it was a little bit of a security blanket move to tell them about the operation after they'd offered me the job.  Unintentionally, I told them about it afterwards to see how they would [...]

Friday at last

For multiple reasons I don't want to go into, this week has taken so long to pass.  I am relieved that the weekend is finally here and celebrated with a lovely chilled glass of white grenache and a bowl of cereal (yup, because that's how I roll - so glamorous). I have been struggling for [...]