Saturday Part 2

It is now nearly 6pm and I am exhausted. I have just had a nice long soak in the bath after visiting the following: The Rodin Museum: OMG I never thought I would get to see The Kiss and The Thinker but now I have and they were amazing. The marble sculpture (The Kiss) isn't [...]


Well I slept like the proverbial log, and feel great this morning. Went to bed at the UK equiv of 10pm after chatting for a long while and now I feel wonderful. I am currently sitting here trying to decide what to do this morning. I know that things aren't going to start opening until [...]


Wow, my hotel is gorgeous, I have been here just over an hour (predictably the train was late - which considering the fact that the train I caught from home was also late is a good thing)...I have a view...A real honest to goodness view. See here: View of Paris from my hotel room Isn't [...]