I am caught today by the inexplicable need to smother myself with a pillow. I know, I won't do it, but every few moments this evening I have been feeling this immense need to just hide in a corner until the rest of my life goes away. It's not just today, it's a mix of [...]


I have bronchitis. It seems that the infection I have has spread, and I am stuck at home, but at least I am at home to be sick, where I have 24/7 internet access 🙂 so there is a good side to everything, even if I do feel completely grotty.


I am home. Just thought I would put that out there because I have never been so relieved. I got home about 2 hours ago, still have no voice, still feel a bit like someone ran over me with something very heavy that had spikes in the wheels, but I am home, I am going [...]

Not Good

Woke up this morning feeling achy, with a sore throat, a bunged up nose and a headache. This is not a good feeling. All I keep on thinking is "If I can last out today I can get everything done and then call in sick tomorrow" but I just know that this feeling is not [...]