I could title this post something snazzy to make you read it, but that's not why I am posting this, it is therapy. I woke up this morning feeling anything but rested and realised that, yet again, I am in the sort of emotional mood that requires me to actually force myself to do everything. [...]

Big Mistake

Still not feeling at all right today but I endeavoured to go into the office anyway. Well, that certainly didn't end up how it was meant to. I went into the office at 8 and by 9 my boss had called me into his office and kindly suggested (in a sort of "I am your [...]


If I ever find the person who I caught this bug from I am going to make them sorry for breathing near me. I am guessing that it was at the cinema on Monday night (there were a lot of children there) OR it could have been at my sister's when I went there to [...]

Why Not Me?

It's my mum's birthday today. She has made it past the first year since she was diagnosed yet today I can't help not focusing on that and focusing on something else entirely. My mum has chosen to spend her birthday with my sister. Now normally I wouldn't mind (well I would, but I wouldn't put [...]

Pain and Tears

Yup, as the heading says...I am in chronic pain. I have been in pain since Sunday, but for the first time in my life I was trying desperately to ignore my pain, well that was until it interrupted yet another night of sleep and I managed two hours in a row before I moved my [...]