Friday at last

For multiple reasons I don't want to go into, this week has taken so long to pass.  I am relieved that the weekend is finally here and celebrated with a lovely chilled glass of white grenache and a bowl of cereal (yup, because that's how I roll - so glamorous). I have been struggling for [...]


I passed. I passed. I passed. After nearly 8 weeks of worrying about my exam, and the prospect of having to retake it, I got my results today, and, I passed... I struggled really hard with some of the coursework, and as some of you will know, had immense problems with a very uncooperative/unhelpful tutor [...]

I felt I should…

...put something in my journal that wasn't whining about how crap this new year has started out (redundancy, grandmother's emphysema and cancer...) so I took this meme from rondastarr 1. I've come to realize that my last kiss...My cousin's 2 yr old son on Saturday 2. I am listening to...My Stepmother is an Alien on [...]

Meme and a battle

Cos everyone is doing is I had to - you know, the follower thing... On the twelfth day of Christmas, carinthea sent to me...Twelve seviets drummingEleven uncfaerys pipingTen mrspadf00t1s a-leapingNine vanityfair00s dancingEight fslorenas a-milkingSeven sketchyatbests a-swimmingSix cissasghosts a-layingFive ro-o-o-ondastarrsFour potterpuffsThree darkhuntersTwo veronica mars...and a LiveJournal meme in a pear tree.Get your own Twelve Days: I [...]