First day with Darcy

Yesterday morning I picked up my brand new fur-baby.  She's snuggly, very clingy and a little bit of a Chatty Cathy.  Right now she's lying right beside the laptop, her head on the 'enter' key of the number pad and sleeping - kittens sleep a lot! I have set up an Instagram for her (I [...]

Meeting Darcy

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting the most friendly and beautiful young lady ever; she was 11-weeks old, a white and bluepoint ball of fluff who clearly determined that I was going to be her new slave. I had gone to meet three young Ragdoll kittens with every intention of going home a little [...]

Frustration x10

Earlier in the week, I contacted the managing agents to get them to contact the landlord (talk about blinking convoluted) to find out about a pet.  I got a positive response and asked for more information.  Now, when someone says "yes" to something I assume they actually mean "yes," but it appears in this case [...]