Good Grief

Wow...I have just heard the most amazing thing. Apparently a large number of the British populace - children and adults alike - don't know where their food comes from. They are unaware that the ingredients for Beer are grown, nor do they realise that bacon comes from pigs. I am astounded, absolutely astounded.

I had a dream

Last night I had a very bizarre dream that was ended rather prematurely by the ringing of my telephone (an interview for a rather creative job YAY). In this dream I was sitting in a pub with a group of very handsome red-headed males, a few female friends and a lot of Christmas cards (yep, [...]


Sometimes elderly people say the funniest things. Today my nan came into my room to make sure I remembered that she told me yesterday she wasn't going to be home for the next two nights (YAY) and she said "You won't ever need botox!" Being me I just looked at her rather confused, trying to [...]


Well, this isn't quite the coup it sounds...Recently in my home town they have altered the public transport system. Initially I believed that this would be a good thing, more buses, more often. Unfortunately when it was launched this past Sunday it turned out that the bus system was actually diabolical. No one knows when [...]