The road to hell, so they say, is paved with good intentions. And I am writing to say that right now I have never found anything to be more true.I have had every intention, for the last few weeks, of being the good student, the one who does all her studying, gets all her reading [...]


I have finally finished and posted TMA01 all about The Cherry Orchard and political idealism. I was working on it for 20 hours yesterday (which of course meant sleep was scarce), but I am relieved it's done, I have sent it in using the eTMA system that the Open University has set up for the [...]

A week late

I have managed, albeit a week later than I would have liked, to finish reading the textbook chapters on Chekhov's brilliantly unusual play The Cherry Orchard. I would have finished the texts over two weeks ago, but work has been busy, and then last week I got some very bad news about my grandmother and [...]