I feel guilty. I have been off work since Monday, have been throwing up and all manner of other pleasant things that go with a stomach bug. I don't think I would feel so guilty if it weren't for the fact that work is relying on me (although I still am confused over this as [...]

A Nation of Bad Taste

Well this weekend marked the realisation that Britain is filled with people with the most appalling taste. On Saturday night we had the Eurovision song contest "pick a song to enter" thing, of course hosted by Terry Wogan...well, the most appalling crap ever (and I am not saying this lightly) won. A pervy 40-year old [...]

Valium = oblivion

Oh, I have been given valium. Apparently I have a muscle spasming in my back, and the valium is going to help me handling the pain. Well it does much more than that. I have been asleep most of the day, waking up twice, once to take the second pill and have a brief brief [...]