Another day, another day of lazing around (well, if you call pulling up weeds, putting in plants, and doing a mile on the elliptical cycle being lazy).I am now sitting here, half-watching TV and listening to music...I am also participating in a fic-writing challenge with a friend. I have managed over 700 words in 30 [...]


I've been lazy this last few days - well, not lazy exactly, but doing job searches and going to agency registration interviews etc - rather than hitting the books.I have a load of stuff on both PCs to look at - so I will be hitting the books tomorrow (promise) and then the real hard [...]

Day Five…

Well, the essay isn't finished yet, but it is over halfway done. Having decided upon the characters I managed to write over 1900 words of planning and observations, which has actually made it much easier to put the final essay together. All I want now is to finish it, proof it and send it to [...]

Day Four…

Well, it's day four of the essay from hell "Socially Marginal Characters blah blah blah" and I finally have decided upon the characters that I am going to write about, and I have managed to write something about three of the four so far. Granted what I have written is notes and observations thus far, [...]

Even more…

I am still having problems with Henry V and The Rover. It feels as though my brain has developed some kind of block where the studying is concerned. I don't know what it is about this particular course but I have found the whole thing to be a rather unpleasant experience. I just have to [...]