In a week course 2 of my second degree with the OU begins.  Somehow I managed to get just 1 point below a distinction on A330 (Greek Myths and Legends), I have no idea how that happened, but obviously I managed to do something really right in the final essay despite it completely missing the [...]


My tutor finally sent back TMA02 after a week of silence from her and two emails from me asking if she could just acknowledge that she had received it.  Along with the marked essay (for which I received a much better grade than I feel I deserved - being honest) was a rather snotty email [...]


Well, the course has officially started, and just over 2 weeks in I have already had to submit my first assignment. I felt incredibly unprepared for the panic that filled me the minute I realised that I didn't know much at all about the material, but I managed to blag my way through the 1000 [...]