Social Media

Social media can be reallly helpful, and over the last few months has been a great way to connect. But what do you get when you combine an unexplained block and a person with abandonment issues?

I have been using social media for a long time. I joined Facebook when it became available in the UK and then discovered what a massive time suck it was.

Recently I have been using Twitter a lot to promote my podcast – which launches finally early next week – and I have been listening to a lot of podcasts, getting guidance and building some really great online relationships.

Which leads me to the reason I started writing this post! For the first time in my life I have been blocked by someone.

I am not sure what I did (if I actually did anything at all) but these things play on my mind. I know that these people aren’t my IRL friends (well, some of them are, but that’s not the case here).

I logged on and noticed that someone had not only unfollowed me, but they had blocked me.

I don’t know why it bothers me, apart from the fact that we had been having a conversation the previous day and there was no indication that there was an issue.

I looked at our previous exchanges, and the exchanges I’d had with others and could find nothing wrong (at least that I noticed). But still it bothered me.

It’s stupid, if only because I don’t really know this person, I don’t know their political affiliations (though this should make no difference), I don’t know their lives…so maybe something innocuous I said (that I am not sure of) hit them and they decided I wasn’t someone they wanted anything to do with.

I haven’t noticed this pattern repeated elsewhere, so it’s just one instance, but at the same time I am spending far too much energy and focus on it.

Social media…it has its good points, but if you are someone who – like me – overthinks situations and is sensitive to the subtle nuances of the actions of other people (I suffer from abandonment issues that I have been dealing with since I was really young) then be careful.

I need to stop focusing on the little things – like this – and look at the bigger picture! I am not the problem here…I just happen to have one!

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