And I’m back…

What have I been up to in the last few months? Well, apart from the same thing that everyone else has been doing and staying stuck at home and safe? I’ve been looking at improving my podcast…and I think I’ve nearly done it!

Well, I’m almost back. And when I say this I’m talking about my podcast.

You may remember, at the beginning of the year I started my ‘year in books’ project. No, it hasn’t failed. I am currently reading books 43, 44 and 45 (I know, I can’t stop myself).

However, along with the reading project I had planned to do a weekly podcast talking about the ‘single’ book I’d read that week.

So, what happened?

Well…the world went to hell in a handbasket!

Though I haven’t been posting, I have been reading AND I’ve been working full time, though from home.

As soon as the lockdown started I was sent home as a ‘vulnerable’ person which means that I have been working from home now for over five months.

For me that’s not a bad thing. I am loving the fact that I am no longer sitting on a bus or waiting for a bus or wishing the bus would show up (it rarely does). Now I finish work, shut down my machine, close my office door and read.

Back in March I should have already finished 12 books. But life happens, I had an entire weekend in February where I did nothing but see people (not complaining, especially after the last eternity of being 100% alone apart from Darcy the Cat). Then I was recording my other podcast (Romance isn’t Dead), spending far too much time on social media or watching rubbish that could easily have waited. So I was was BEHIND.

Move a few weeks into lockdown and I was reading 7 books a week. There was no way on earth I could a) talk about all of them in a single episode and b) record an episode because I was actually too busy reading.

So there was the dilemma…did I record a podcast about my reading, or did I read?

Obviously, the reading won.

Move forward to now, we’re almost in September and I have realised that I miss the whole podcast process. I have lots I want to say, and it’s something I actually enjoy doing. Of course, it’s too late to start the whole ‘what I’ve been reading’ thing all over again…and when I listen back to old episodes I can hear that I am veering off into other subjects.

What do I do?

After a couple of weeks (weeks when I actually recorded episodes that will now never see the light of day), I realised that my podcast needed a new identity.

That’s where I am right now. The oldest grandson of a really good friend of mine is currently composing a unique and quirky theme for me, I have written scripts and outlines and I am listening to other podcasts.

In a few weeks my new podcast will be born (15 September to be exact). I am hoping that I will eventually grow it into what I envision it can be. But at the start it will be small and possibly gain a following – no matter how small!

I have been thinking about updating on here for a while and it’s bad that it took me as long as it has.

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