Week 10,000 something…maybe(?)

Hello evenings floating in a pool, heading home smelling of chlorine (which I love the smell of, strangely) and enjoying the only exercise I truly find helpful to my mental state.

Weight loss has, sadly, been one of the things at the bottom of my priority list for the last few weeks. I have eaten healthily, have even been going swimming every day (and by everyday I mean, break day has been Sunday because it’s been difficult to get to the gym).

However, my personal life (mostly family stuff) has been resembling something of a mess. Over the last four weeks a friend has had an operation, my mum has also had surgery and, to top it off, I have also been suffering, primarily from stress!

I am not going to start again from scratch, because that defeats everything I have done. Thanks to the swimming I have finally got something resembling a little bit of arm definition, my shoulder has stopped hurting quite as much as it has done for the last four years, and though I have been unwell, the family situation is stressful and work is not much better, I am feeling better in myself – at least when I get in the water.

Yes, I admit it! I have gone and joined the expensive gym. It means my monthly budget is even tighter than it has ever been, but the swimming…the amount of relief it gives me, the moments of mental freedom I have the moment I slip into the water, are worth every single penny.

I had a week off the workouts as I waited for payday so I could join the gym, but come Monday it’s going to be swimming, steaming, relaxing in the jacuzzi and probably (more than likely) working out on some sort of machines. There are also classes, including one specifically for stress and mental health that I will be considering starting when I get a proper routine sorted out. In the interim I will be simply swimming every day.

Over the 2 weeks I enjoyed previously I managed over 4 miles in the pool. Yes, some will say “Only 4 miles”. But having not been swimming for several years, 4 miles is incredible and I am overjoyed at the achievement. I am not going to set myself a target, but I am going to work to tone up, improve my arm strength, and simply feel better about myself.

So, how do you feel about yourselves this week?

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