Day 25…

It’s been just over two weeks since I checked in (15 days to be precise), but the weight is going in the right direction; down!

Interested in finding out what I’ve been up to, it’s all here in 100% honest glory.

I can’t believe it’s been 15 days since my last check-in, but things have been a little bit busy. I am running around like a headless chicken and feel as though I am still fighting an uphill battle.

That being said, I am still managing (sort of) to eat healthily. I am having three relatively balanced meals a day. However, in the last week I have veered away from the strictures of the South Beach Diet. Being honest, 100% honest, as I have promised to be, I missed carbs, and the weight loss wasn’t proving totally successful on the limited diet. I was actually seriously constipated and it was hugely uncomfortable.

The whole constipation thing (this is not meant to be TMI, I promise) has obviously played a rather large part in the weight loss accomplishment. Though I am still losing, which is a positive thing.

I have not been at work for the last two days – I took holiday as I had important errands, my second annual Diabetes check-up and a landlord check-in (which I really wanted to be around for as I have a lot of issues).

So…the diabetes check-up:

  • Height = same as it has been since I was 11
  • Blood pressure = healthy low (the nurse was impressed at this as she asked me about my life and was horrified at the stress, and worried that it would have a negative effect on my health)
  • Foot response = my feet are super-ticklish, so having someone poke and prod at them with a rubber-type needle was, as always, an interesting experience, but the response is good!
  • Weight = ahh, the most important one! If you’ll recall (possibly), the last time I mentioned my weight was when I had reached Day 5, today it was 114kgs, or 151lbs…which means since the first time I was weighed during phase 9,045 (or whatever it is) I have lost half a stone!

Now, with that sort of loss (not incredible, but better than nothing at all, right?)…I need to start thinking about the next phase in my intended plan.

No, this is not me! I wish…

The next phase has to be exercise. At work a group of the ladies who are struggling with their weight have joined this Boot Camp. I would, however I do not like burpees and push ups and sit ups. Anything which requires me to support my body on my spindly arms is not going to happen.

I have been thinking about what I should do when I feel more comfortable in my stretched and ugly skin, and realised that I have a lot of anger about various things which is unacceptable to get rid of verbally to the people who make me angry. So, after a bit of searching, and a LOT of emailing, calling and instant messenger (Facebook sometimes can be a good thing), I finally found a gym where they do plain boxing classes. I loved boxercise, but have discovered there are only a couple of places where this happens and none of these are close to me – darn it! So straight-up boxing, punching a bag, punching pads, ducking and diving, will be what I need.

Yes, I am finding that weight loss is a very slow going thing, but it is going the right way…

Oh, and I have discovered the biggest failing I have on diets, it’s not chocolate, or bread, it’s potatoes. They are the reason I have moved away from South Beach. I have realised that if I want certain parts of my body to continue working properly (hello stomach), then I need the fibre, I need levels of carbs and I need to be sensible.

So, that’s what I am going to be. Sensible!

Weight: 151lbs
Loss: 7lbs

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