Nearly halfway…through week 1!

Day three is over, and I think that everything may well be fine. The sugar cravings are out in full force and the packet of Custard Creams in my drawer are still calling to me, in a voice which sounds strangely like Chris Evans…

It’s halfway through week 1, otherwise known as the hardest bit of any diet.

Currently I am looking at my last glass of water of the day and wondering why I am forcing myself to drink something that makes me wake up at least 4 times in the night.

Last night I woke up at 1.30, 3.23, 4.20 and 5.35 and then finally at 6.30 (15 minutes before my alarm) I gave up the idea of going back to sleep.

The heat and humidity is not helping over-much, however, I would rather that than hiding underneath thick blankets because it’s still freezing cold and wintery outside!

This evening I sat in front of my computer, opened up the Sainsbury’s website and started an order that will be delivered on Friday evening.

As I went through the various pages on the site, fresh food>bakery frozen>ice cream fresh food>fruit I had to fight the urge to even look in those sections, instead going straight for salad>peppers and dairy>yogurt>low-fat…Yay me!

I managed to resist the urge by instead purchasing sugar free jelly (which I am allowed in small quantities), low fat creme fraiche (which will go incredibly on the paprika dish I LOVE and is usually made with rich, thick double cream), and some interesting looking salad vegetables (mostly peppers and tomatoes) which will hopefully taste lovely when I have them as a side dish, along with thinly sliced cucumber and smothered in a slightly emulsified dressing made with sunflower oil and apple cider vinegar. Yep, I am doing my best to convince myself that this combination is much nicer than a beautiful Caesar salad with crunchy croutons and crispy bites of bacon.

Anyway, right now I am feeling like I am actually accomplishing something, even if I have no idea how much weight I may have lost this week because I didn’t weigh myself right at the start of this particular phase of my insanity!

How do you feel about strict diet? Do you think that it works? Do you have a better plan? Is there such a thing as permanent moderation?

3 thoughts on “Nearly halfway…through week 1!

  1. I dunno about strict but I can sympathize with you about week one being the hardest! I am mostly focusing on portion control as I can eat plates and plates and plates of food, I know if I jump straight to restricting myself that I will fall flat on my face and fail! As for the scale…..we aren’t friends and it terrifies me so kudos to you for being so brave!


    1. The scale is terrifying. I have avoided it for weeks, and even before I wasn’t avoiding it I was lying to myself about what it said – though the number was (again) going up. I have found that weighing myself once a week is about all I can cope with.
      My failing is carbs…and sugar. Mostly chocolate and potatoes. I could happily live on chips (thick cut fries) smothered in cheese and coleslaw followed by a massive bar of Dairy Milk every night (though I fear those nights would not number many if that was my diet).

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      1. I have given up on weighing myself! Honestly not worth it to me as far as I am concerned, I think if I can feel and see the difference than that is enough and the mandatory doctors appointments can tell me if I am making progress or not! And my weakness is burger king! Or anything greasy really, the bigger the sandwich however the better, I have this huge stomach that just doesn’t know when to tell my brain to quit and well….here we are!


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