Sugar + Carbs = Bad/Good

Day two is over, going without carbs and sugar is HORRIBLE, but it will be worth it if the weight starts coming off and clothes in my wardrobe fit me again…right?

I am currently on day two of the sugar and carb detox – the first part of the South Beach Diet and it’s hell. I never realised how much I actually rely on both sugar and carbohydrates on a daily basis. Just the thought of biting into a slightly tea-softened custard cream, or a warm sugar-crusted, jam-filled doughnut fresh from the fryer.

My mouth waters at the thought of these things, and many others. In all likelihood watching cookery programmes isn’t massively helpful in my desire to avoid the stuff that’s bad for me, BUT that doesn’t stop me from craving it.

It’s incredible to think that those two things are so bad for you. The old adage is so true; a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.

I am heading ever closer to 50 (just the thought of it makes me shudder a little as I am nowhere near where I really want to be), and the closer to there I get the harder it’s going to be to kick the bad habits and the weight.

Yes, this is another entry about weight…sorry!

For the last two days I have been eating low fat cottage cheese, low fat greek yogurt, chicken, peppers, mushrooms and other salad veg, but nothing starchy (so no peas or potatoes, no sweetcorn and no pasta). I have also been drinking a lot of water (or at least what I would consider a lot) and peeing like a racehorse (about 10,000 times a day).

I have another 12 days to go – and then I can reintroduce fruit (thank goodness). More than anything I am hopeful that the effort I am putting in to have all three meals will show when I stand on the scales and, much more importantly, when I go to the diabetes clinic and they do all the usual annual tests.

At least it’s been sticky humid at night…that’s distracting enough that the food dreams I usually have when I am ‘dieting’ are not currently making themselves known. The dreams are incredibly vivid and usually involve me sitting at a table piled high with all manner of sweet treats; doughnuts, biscuits, ice cream piled high and smothered in chocolate sauce, apple crumble, treacle tart anointed with rich thick double cream…

Okay, enough of that, my mouth is watering and I have already eaten my food allowance for the day so it’s water or a cup of tea…

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