It’s time to spill some tea…

Urgh. Life is just not quite there yet. There is so much going on and so much I wish I could do more to change…but I have started on the positive path (sort of) and that’s all I can do.

I’ve been absent for a few months. Far longer than I had intended, but then nothing can ever be predicted to the minute, and on this occasion that happens to include writing something on my blog.

Work, and life in general, have been a little bit up in the air. I am feeling really tired, a little put upon, and generally drained. I am also disappointed.

This time last year I had barely recovered from the abuse I had received from my boss of the time. Bullying and backstabbing was rife and, if I think about it realistically, the writing was already on the wall. In fact, travel just a few weeks forward in time and I will be reaching my 1-year anniversary of the day I walked out of my previous employer’s office for the very last time.

I have now been with my current employers for a while and these months have been both a relief (I have money to pay my bills) and a very big eye-opener. Last week I realised that I had reached my limit and started to open job site phone apps and look for a new job and I feel as though I have made the right decision.

On Wednesday I had my first in what I hope will be a very short series of interviews for other roles…and given what I have said about this role in previous (albeit not recent) posts will make you wonder what brought me to this place…

So, here it is. The unvarnished truth about a place that I thought would be my ‘forever’ home (well, forever in as far as any job is permanent these days):

  1. No paid sick leave
    I am not saying that we should get unlimited days off sick, because that would hardly be realistic or feasible (and it would definitely be taken advantage of by some who would rather stay in bed all day), but when you have the managerial team saying “We’ve had a lot of people sick in the office” you really need to take a step back and think about the reasons behind it…and they are simple really!
    People can’t afford to take a day off sick, so they are bringing all their germs in and passing them around the office.
  2. We have to pay for tea and coffee
    I know that this seems like a really silly thing, but refreshments in the office (excluding cold water) are not part of the deal We have to either contribute to a monthly fund (which is taken from our salaries) or we buy our own! Needless to say, I pay for my own (that way there is no risk I am going to run out).
  3. We get the basic holiday and have to actually put aside days from this to take off over Christmas as the offices are closed!
    Yes, the offices are closed which means that even if we were willing to go into the office so that we could use our holiday allowance at other times during the year, we can’t. For many this might sound like a dream come true. However, this means we have 3 weeks to play with across the whole year…to some this might also sound like a lot (and for me that’s okay) but for those who were used to being able to determine their holiday it’s frustrating.
  4. Hospital, doctor and dentist appointments
    If you should be unfortunate enough to need any of the above, you have to work extra time (and this does not include the number of times you end up working through lunch) to make up for the time you have had to take for the appointment.

These are just a few things. It may be that you look at these and think that they are reasonable, but this is just the tip of the very deep Titanic-sinking iceberg.

The biggest issue I am going to go into here happened today.

Someone came down and took something that wasn’t theirs…I didn’t call them on it – just pointed out that it was mine.

Ten minutes later I am called into a meeting because I had ‘upset’ this colleague and had apparently been abrupt and rude – btw I had not, but I now wish I had been.

What kind of world is this that someone is upset at being told that what they were going to essentially steal wasn’t theirs to take? Seriously?

I wish I were joking…I am not!

After this brief meeting I started checking my personal email wishing, more than anything, that I would get an email notification that I would get an email from one of the jobs that I had applied for. I have to get out of there before I start thinking that being treated like an incompetent child is the norm!

Even better, this is literally just a screenshot!

What would you do in this situation? I love a lot about the job, but there are so many things which need to be reviewed, by the management team. I am fully aware that this is a small company, and it is – a small, family-owned business, but there are so many things that they need to review, to give a little thought to.

Previously a few of my colleagues have mentioned that morale is incredibly low in the office (which it really, truly is). So one of the management team says that there is talk about having a team-building day. Which will be on a SATURDAY! Sorry, I come home on a Friday and don’t want to see anyone from work until Monday…

We had a meeting a few weeks ago and in it was made mention of the fact that sickness levels in the office are high – this is purely down to the fact that we don’t get paid for sick so everyone comes in and spreads their germs around. The gift that unfortunately keeps on giving!

There is zero flexibility. If you have an appointment, or need to be at home for some necessary work (but you are still able to carry out your job from home) then this should be something which is considered. My entire job is carried out online. Not just bits of it ALL of it. Yet I am not allowed to work from home because those who have chosen to take a job which requires them to be in the office (and they knew this when they accepted the job) would feel left out! Our jobs are different…so why should what I do matter?

Okay, for now the rant is over. I have managed to get a lot off my chest, and hopefully this post has gone some way to showing where my mind is at right now – needless to say, it’s not a very good place!

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