The Avengers…and other things…

It’s the end of a (movie) era…but this is a catch-up post, letting you know WHY I’ve been absent, as well as introducing you to my new(ish) venture, a podcast which will be all about life and everything in it (including movies)…

It’s been two months and I feel a lot of things. I’ve been going through a lot of things. Movies are an incredible distraction – one which I will be getting to shortly. But they aren’t the be all and end all (however much I would like them to be).

My life is, like many others, full of complications; little things which make me go from feeling high and happy one minute to ditch-deep low the next.

I love my job, things are going really well, I am thriving, actually for the first time in years I am doing something I love, working hard and getting great mental rewards, but there are other things that aren’t going the way I need them to.

I have never mentioned this before, but I have been paying back stupid debts that I incurred in my early 20s for what feels like an eternity! I have been in an IVA for three years and struggling to pay it back. This last week it took an awful turn that had me on such a downward slide that even the most unobservant person was able to tell that I was feeling stressed, depressed and on the point of jacking everything in and heading off to a deserted island on a one-way ticket.

They called me at work. They harassed me at work. They threatened me with court while I was at work! Even better they told me that I was refusing to cooperate with them – which I wasn’t…because they expected me to magick a sum of money out of thin air!

Needless to say it sent me, a depressive soul, into the pits of ridiculous despair that had me throwing up and suffering serious headaches for the rest of the week.

I am happy to say that, thanks to a very understanding person (who will remain nameless) I am now no longer in the situation where they need to call me about a late payment that they seemingly pulled from the pit of nowhere…and can continue on as I did before (which is my plan).

Weight…hahaha. I had been so good. I have been through four different diabetes medications since the beginning of the year, and every single one of the buggers has had a negative (not loss, but gain) effect on my weight. I am struggling to maintain, even though the snackage and bingeing has been pretty much (by pretty much I mean, everyone has their bad days, right) non-existent.

I am finding the whole process more than a bit frustrating and incredibly disappointing. But I am continuing to try. I didn’t even have chocolate over Easter.

And now onto the nice stuff…

Avengers Endgame!

I am not sure where to start with this one. I am still recovering from very little sleep after spending 6 hours sitting in the same chair, one which had no give and so little padding it was like sitting on a chair in an exam room for hours.

I am doing the ‘no spoiler’ thing (so really this means NO SPOILERS), but I have to say that I enjoyed it. The film was just over 3 hours (by that I mean around 3 hours and 1 minute).

It was the perfect ending to a series that has kept me enthralled for 11 years. There have been a few movies that I have watched and thought “oh that was okay”. Some of these were surprising, because they rated highly with other people (in fact many raved over the ones I felt were simply average). And then there are other I have watched and watched again because they were so incredible that I saw something new every single time.

I have watched Tony Stark go from self-indulgent weapons manufacturer to kidnapping victim to a misguided individual who thought the Sokovia Accords were the only way he could redeem himself for Ultron (which, had it gone by the comic books would not have been his responsibility to begin with)…

If you love MCU and want nothing more than to find out what a great culmination of an incredible franchise can be then you won’t be going far wrong with End Game. It’s brilliant, makes the best use of every single character and gives you the sort of ending that you have probably (maybe?) been wishing for.

Oh, and I recorded a very brief podcast all about it…

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