I haven’t forgotten

I didn’t forget, I was just so busy that things had to be postponed. My weight loss journey continues, even though it’s much slower than I had originally anticipated…are you still out there?

Things have been a little bit hectic for the last few weeks as I have been working with a friend to get another project off the ground. It’s finally all launched, a new blog has been created and we are posting up a storm on Twitter (BTW I am also on there, not massively active at the moment, but that is going to change).

Anyway, I have still been taking part in the weekly weigh-ins at the office. And I still have every intention of being completely honest about my progress. There is no point in taking part or writing this and sharing my experiences if I am lying about where I am. However, it turns out I got my weight wrong the first week, which means that the weights for the following weeks have been a little bit off – by a whole pound…it should have read 251lbs, and 247lbs respectively.

I have been so busy trying to get a new podcast set up – if you love romance then you’ll love this – trust me…

All the work that went into that means that I got a little bit distracted and the results from week 3 and week 4 weren’t exactly forgotten, but they weren’t written anywhere on here. They have been recorded on a spreadsheet that is sent to our work weight loss group every week…and we also get a really sweet, encouraging email letting us know that whatever happens, we aren’t doing badly (even when we are…see below for my progress over weeks 3 and 4).

Remembering that the original weight I logged was off by a pound (it doesn’t sound like much until you actually try to lose it) things could have been much worse than they were!

Week 3 – 18/01/19: 248lbs
Change: + 2lbs

Week 4 – 25/01/19: 249lbs
Change: +1lbs

Luckily I am not exactly starting from scratch…but I still needed to work on it better. It’s been blinking cold here for the last few weeks, motivation has been done and when I get home I don’t have any inclination to go anywhere, like at all. Working on the new podcast, getting that up and running and knowing that I want it to be successful is taking up a lot of time that could be spent exercising.

Anyway, this week we had snow, which meant I ended up on my arse a few more times than I would have liked (seriously, I am clumsy as anything and it’s not unusual for me to fall flat on my face/backside if there is even a slight change in the level of slip on the ground). The snow also meant that I ended up being incredibly lucky in getting a lift to and from work, which meant no walking and (obviously) less exercise. A colleague actually volunteered to pick me up because she wanted to record me walking to the car…just in case I fell flat (I was lucky on this occasion).

Anyway, less of the babble…here’s the revelation you’re here for (at least I hope you are).

Week 5 – 01/02/19: 248lbs
Change: -1lbs

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