Second week, same as the first

This week didn’t quite go as planned, but then not everything goes exactly the way you want it. Seriously, had it gone any more wrong I might have just hidden under the covers for the rest of the year.

Well, yesterday was the end of week two. However, instead of being weighed with everyone else in the office, I was instead sitting in my bathroom wondering who hated me! At least next week my losses should be pretty good.

Stomach bugs are nothing to be laughed at, but there have been a couple going round the office. Yesterday there was no way I was going to risk embarrassment and discomfort and go into work, even though I have loads to do and really wanted to get it done.

To be honest, this week hasn’t been a great week as far as eating is concerned. There were some stress-inducing situations which I feel like I had little control over:

  • I had to take Darcy to the vet. This resulted in lots of meds for Darcy (she is not happy about them, though she is happy about the introduction of even more expensive food in her diet).
  • I haven’t been sleeping well, at all. I have no reason what is causing that at all. At least three nights this week I have been lying awake until 3-4am staring at the ceiling and wondering what is going on with my brain.
  • Life. I guess that one gets to all of us at one time or another. I think that the lack of sleep, my upcoming birthday (which I am absolutely 100% dreading) and a general lack of focus are just contributing.

With everything that’s been going on I have been giving a lot of thought to things I want to do. I have a great friend who works on a brilliant Podcast (if you like Star Wars and fandom – but primarily Star Wars – then you’ll love it – it’s called Say When: A Geeky Podcast).

A couple of weeks ago I took a few photos of my spare room, a before and after of a room that I managed to let get so messy it’s quite embarrassing. In a few of the shots that I showed my friend there were glimpses of one of my many bookcases. On this bookcase were (and are) brightly coloured (not garish, never garish) romance novels by multiple awesome authors who don’t seem to write much anymore. We started talking and are now going to do a podcast…it will be fun and hopefully people will listen.

As well as our podcast together about the vagaries of romance in its many different guises, I have also decided that I am going to take my many thoughts and experiences with food and make them into a podcast that I am hoping will help people to not only understand my thoughts and feelings when it comes to food and diet but also hopefully help others who have had the same problems. The podcast will be coming soon and as a complement to this blog (which has been around for quite a while) it will be called And Another Thing… I will definitely post about it when I finally get around to making the first half-hour pod.

Yes, this post has been a mix, random and no weight gain or loss, just tales of stomach upset. I hope that you stay with me as I do continue the journey. This week was a blip, and I will likely be standing on the scales on Monday morning to make up for missing yesterday.

Weight – 18/01/19: 246lbs
Change: 0lbs

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