Another Day One

Today was the first day for our weight loss plan at work. Weigh ins should not be traumatic and this wasn’t anywhere near as bad as stepping on the scales at WW (where you pay for the privilege).

Today was the first day of our weight-loss plan at the office. I was the one who supplied the scales – I was informed a long time ago that as a survivor (for that read continuing sufferer) of an eating disorder, having a set of working scales could be damaging for my mental health. At one point I went through a phase of weighing myself every single day, at least three times, sometimes more.

Standing on those scales at the office this morning I struggled to look at the weight that was displayed there. It was depressing and frustrating. Over Christmas, I tend to eat better, not worse. I don’t stuff my face full of junk (I know that my most recent post was of biscuits and cake, but I ate neither). I had regular meals (which is unlike me), but I wasn’t as active as I usually am either.

The weight wasn’t exactly a surprise, but the 4lb gain since the beginning of November was also disappointing. Luckily today was day 1, not day 41 and there is time until the end of stage 1.

Over the course of the morning, 7 of the 8 people who’ve signed up to join the Marketing Team in their weight loss journey came down to stand on the deadly scales and have their weight and goal recorded on the spreadsheet.

It has taken me a long time and a lot of thinking, but I know, in order to make this blog as real as I possibly can, I need to record my weight here and share the journey I am going through with you.

Despite not eating properly (ever), and walking at least 3 miles a day, I have to face facts, I am overweight and the only person who can actually help me, is me.

The support from friends and colleagues – and the little bit of competition that a weekly weigh-in at the office will add – is all I need to spur me on. I am hopeful that people will find my experiences and observations helpful. I also would love it if it encourages others to open up and share their own observations and lessons learned.

Weight – 03/01/2019: 250lbs

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