Just what the doctor ordered…maybe

Diet is hard and losing a lot of weight is even harder, especially when you lack any sort of motivation (being healthy isn’t enough for everyone)…so this new idea at work is not only genius, but also very helpful…

I love chocolate. Whenever someone says “but what food do you like?” I have to answer, “I love chocolate”. I shouldn’t have to apologise for it…but when I stand on scales I feel like I have to.

I have been talking, a lot, recently about my need to lose weight. How I was booted off the NHS weight loss programme because of various reasons (including the fact that I have a history of eating disorders and wouldn’t toe their stupidly narrow line) and how I struggle with weight loss in general.

I was talking about this just this week with some colleagues at work. I work in a predominantly male office, however, the women there are constantly on one diet or another. Right now, things are falling by the wayside a little in the run-up to Christmas, with clients and colleagues (including me) bringing in goodies of all kinds (biscuits, chocolate, cake, mince pies etc…).

In the new year my boss (who is so young I don’t even remember being that young) is getting married, she’s bought a stunning dress and is scared that it’s not going to fit her properly – she’s a tiny thing, a size 8 and weighs less than half of me – so she’s been on all the diets, but hasn’t lost what she wants. Everyone has a target they want to reach and when they don’t get there, no matter their size, it’s a bit of an emotional slap in the face.

Anyway, we were talking this week and five of our six-strong team have decided that we are going to be each other’s motivation. I have said it several times here, and no doubt I will say it several times more, when it comes to diet I need motivation. I  need someone to kick me up the backside when I start to think I can’t do it anymore, when I am feeling as though the loss is never going to happen, when I am frustrated, annoyed, depressed…

We aren’t going to even try and attempt weight loss over the next few weeks. I am in the minority in that over Christmas I can lose a few pounds…it’s the only time I tend to eat three meals in a day, and I don’t really pick at the snack stuff (thank you hiatus hernia). But come January 2nd, when we’re all back in the office and Christmas is behind us, we’re going to be putting our best foot forward.

This is how I feel when exercising...not happy!
At the moment it’s a case of “we’ll each put in 20p for every pound we lose and the one who reaches their percentage target takes home the coinage” however, we are also trying to come up with consequences for the ‘losers’ (not that anyone is going to be a loser in a negative way as we’re all losing weight for different, and very personal, reasons).

Anyway, does anyone else have creative ways of losing weight when working full time? Is anyone else looking at doing a group challenge with colleagues or friends to boost the willpower and increase motivation for something that’s very hard to do even if you aren’t sitting on your rear all day at a computer?

I’d love to hear if you have any ideas for ways to make it fun, and suggestions of interesting ‘consequences’ for the participants in our office challenge are very welcome.

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