Catch up

Unemployment is now a thing of the past (at least for the moment, I will never say never to that as you don’t know what’s around the bend). Anyway, back in work, winter on the way, and NaNo is upon us…

It’s been over two weeks, and in that time a few things have changed, though much has stayed the same. So I thought I would write a little catch up to let everyone know what’s going on, and that none of it is truly bad.

I started my new job and have now been there for 13 days (today); the people are friendly, the work is a challenge, I am learning quite a few new things, and reminding myself of skills that I hadn’t used in a while, and I am having to practice restraint (mostly when it comes to getting involved in conversations rather than concentrating on the task at hand).

Overall it’s really nice being in the workplace again, though occasionally I find myself missing the days when I could stay in bed until 9.30 and then get on with the housework (which is sort of falling by the wayside at the present time).

What isn’t so great is the amount of money I am having to pay out being out and about. There’s bus fares, food, a few new items of clothing…all things that I am having to use my overdraft for (which I had managed not to use the entire time I was unemployed), because, though I am now working, I have 6 weeks until my first payday. Knowing that I am currently in the ‘red’ for the first time in 8 months, is a bit painful, however, I know that it will soon be rectified and I can go back to living on what I earn again, which will be a huge relief.

Next month is NaNo (National Novel Writing Month to those not in the know). For the last two years I have taken part, last year was unsuccessful, but the previous year I managed to get to my 50,000 words (albeit with a bit of a struggle), and I couldn’t have been prouder. This year I am in a bit of a quandary. Part of me wants to take part, while the other is being “Miss Realistic” and reminding me that I have just started a new job, that I never feel at my most creative and enthused in the winter months (Damn you S.A.D), and that it’s a struggle to get anything truly done while I am not at my most emotionally stable.

With all this in mind, I spoke with a friend of mine (we both made an attempt at NaNo in 2017, and both didn’t manage to finish), and we came up with the idea of JuNo, the July Novel. In July the weather is good, we are feeling a little more positive, and ideas seem to flow that much easier. I know that NaNo is great, it’s well-organised, and so many people get a kick out of it, but for those of us who struggle to even get out of bed when it’s darker, or have family commitments up the wazoo, it’s not a realistic or even semi-realistic goal. So, next July, my friend and I are going to start JuNo, and mark 25k as a success (fingers crossed).

Anyway, there isn’t much really going on in my life at the moment. New job aside, I have actually been invited to a few interviews (unfortunately, for jobs I actually really wanted). One I was invited to this afternoon for tomorrow, so nothing like short notice or anything there!

Hope that you’re all well and enjoying the strange weather we’re enjoying(?) in the UK (if you’re here). I am going to go back to hiding under the blankets and thinking about whether getting into bed before 9 is actually too early. Is there actually such a thing?

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