Another week

It’s been over a week, but a lot has happened, including doctors, vets, interviews. Last week was one mess of busy but I came out the other side.

Last week was insane, which is the only reason I didn’t post a single word. Monday started out pretty well, until it went wrong. I ended up taking Darcy (beloved pain in the neck that she is) to the vet where she had an emergency operation. While waiting for my friend to pick me and the kitty up I had a telephone interview. They seemed really keen at the time, went so far as to say that their HR department would be in touch, and that was now over a week ago and I’ve heard nothing.


Then Tuesday I spent the day running around like a headless chicken having spent my first night in nearly two years without her. I cleaned everything – floors, windows, skirting, ceiling corners – in an effort to keep my brain occupied.

Wednesday I was able to bring her home, but she had a very delicate constitution, needed a lot of attention, and really didn’t want to be out of my sight (or rather for me to be out of hers) for more than a few minutes at a time. I had a phone interview for a job that I spent hours writing the cover letter for. I think that it would have gone better face to face and also if the woman interviewing hadn’t very clearly only been doing the interview because she felt she should. Who asks “Do you think that if you’d worked harder you’d have got a better grade for your degree?”? Is it just me, or is that just rude?

Thursday brought 2 doctors appointments for me, apparently being diabetic comes with some really irritating alternative health possibilities, like blindness, amputation etc (granted these are the extremes), but they start telling you what to do to prevent them incredibly early on following diagnosis.

Friday was, luckily, very quiet. I watched a bit of MasterChef Australia Season 10 (don’t tell me who won), read a little bit, and made the most of what we had been informed was going to be the last of the good weather for a while (not that it was great as it was very windy).

Saturday I was back to the vet where Darcy was given an almost clean bill of health. I have to take her back again tomorrow (Thursday) for a final once over, but they are happy with her progress, her muscles are healing well, as is the incision, and she’s no longer got a temperature of 40.6 (apparently that’s very high for a cat).

This week has been more of the same. Applications that seemingly go out into the ether never to be heard of again. For some reason, job advertisers/hr/agencies think it’s perfectly acceptable to not even acknowledge an application from someone these days. I know that they are likely getting hundreds of them, but to send nothing back?

It strikes me that they need to realise that job applications take time, some can take hours to put together. When you get nothing back, not a single word, no ‘thanks for sending this, we will let you know’ can be quite disheartening. I know that they no longer give a crap when people send something to them, and I’ve started to accept it. However, I do have an issue when you go for an interview – be it on the phone or face to face. You spend time preparing, get to know a bit about the company, research the person who will be interviewing you (LinkedIn can be good for this), look into the history of the company, find out about what they do, how they got started, what their long-term goals are. And then, after the interview, there’s nothing. No, ‘thank you for taking the time to come and see us/speak to us, however on this occasion…’

Some companies are really good at providing feedback, it doesn’t take 5 minutes to write an email stating that they’ve decided to go in another direction but you were a promising candidate. But when you take all that time, spend hours researching, preparing, psyching yourself up and get nothing?

To all potential employers out there, I know you hear from hundreds of people, but it doesn’t take minutes to put a default email together. We just want to hear something/anything to make us realise that we aren’t worthless lumps of shit that you stomp under your shoe when you don’t consider us good enough.

I have now had three phone interviews and one face to face. Out of those I have heard from one. I have applied for around 45 jobs, and out of those I have heard from 6 (including those above that went to interview). This is a massive imbalance and, at some point, it needs to be addressed. I know that I won’t be the right candidate for all of them, but to not even acknowledge my application (or in one case my follow-up email to my application) is just bloody rude and unnecessarily so.

That said, I don’t feel stressed. Sure, I am annoyed at the increasing rudeness of companies who treat job applicants like crap, but it seems that manners have gone the way of the VCR when it comes to letting people know where they stand.

The weather is back to sunshine, Darcy is recovering from her operation, and I have somehow managed to lose 11lbs since losing my job.


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