Looking up

Another week, and still nothing definitive. However, I am not going to let this cause me issues. Today is not one for negative reflection. Good days are not at an end!


This week has been a bit of a mixed bag. As per the agreement with the DWP, and my need to have a job (and money), I continued to look for a job. The early part of the week was incredibly quiet (not for lack of trying), and then yesterday things took a bit of an upturn.

Early in the day, I had a phone call from an agency talking about a job that had already been mentioned by someone else (who was, apparently, exclusively promoting the job). I then had an unexpected telephone interview for a job I applied for right after I was made redundant.

I know that neither of these is a sure thing in fact, at the moment, they aren’t even close to a ‘might be’, but I am closer to getting a job than I was before I applied for them.

This marks the end of a full second week looking for work. I am still alive, still feeling relatively positive, and still hopeful that my unemployment will not be as long (anywhere near as long) as it was last time. The weather is still good, I haven’t yet fallen into a pit of despair (and hope not to). And, even better, I have a good feeling that things are looking up.

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