Still okay

Sure, I’d hoped that by now I would have heard something from at least one of the jobs I’ve applied for, but it’s all right, and I’m still okay. Things happen when they’re meant and all I can do is continue as I have and wait for the right thing to come along.

We’re almost halfway through week two of my latest bout of unemployment, and surprisingly I am still okay. As each day comes to a close I look at how many jobs I have applied for (about 25 so far) and how many responses I have had (zero so far) and wonder if I am actually reaching anyone, but I know that I am doing everything I can short of going to the agencies and doing a laser display complete with Cirque du Soleil acrobats and fire-eaters.


The last few days I have been keeping very much to myself. I haven’t left the flat, and have changed from one pair of PJs into another pair, purely because I am quite happy that way. These have been my mental health days, I have been on the phone, I have sent emails and chatted with friends using Hangouts, but I haven’t left the security of my four walls and it’s been great. I know that by this time in redundancy #3 I was already starting to lose hope, but then I had known about the redundancy for nearly two months on d-day and the days were empty of company, and this time I had no notice (so shock value) and knew that when I got home there would be someone waiting for me (my stalker companion aka Darcy the cat).

Whatever happens this time I know that I have done everything I can to get a new job, the fact that no one is looking at my CV and immediately saying “yes, yes, we must have her” is not an indication of my skills, simply an indication that their need differs from what I have to offer. As long as I have this view I can hopefully remain positive.

I hope that everyone is okay and enjoying the weather (we’re still enjoying the sun here in the UK – so, while being out of work isn’t a great thing, the weather does make it that much easier to cope with).

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