Time waits

Time waits for no man, apparently. However, if you are in need of a little bit of peace then be selfish, make that time wait for you.


Yesterday was not a good day, so I decided to avoid thinking about it overmuch, or recording it on here for posterity. I had a trip to the job centre, the council offices and the managing agents for my flat. Apparently, the solution to get me back into work isn’t to look for a job I am qualified for, but to apply for literally everything that is on the job boards. I have decided to ignore this advice because that way lies both insanity, and a trip into depression.

Today was a totally different ballgame. I went to a meditation class for the first time in my life, and it made me feel a little lighter, a little better about my situation, and also gave me a few coping tools that I can use whenever things start to get too much again.

I had a few more ideas about jobs, about what I want but, more importantly, I have some ideas for my novel, I just have a lot of research to do (but then I have nothing but time at the moment).

I never thought I would say this but if you’re stressed, find a little bit of time, meditate, or find your happy place and take some time away from reality for a little while. My happy place has always been the beach, so when I need time is head there. Find the place that makes you happy and spend time there, don’t over think things just take some time for you. The person (Marcia) guiding the meditation session today said that taking time for you isn’t selfish, and she’s not wrong. It’s not selfish to take a little bit of time out of the day to think about you, focus on what you want and just be.

So there, my words of wisdom for the day. Job searching sucks, but the little bits of peace I find during the day make everything else that much easier to cope with.

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