All change

Change can be absolutely terrifying, but this time I am tackling it head on. In the week I start a brand new job I also (insanely) start NaNo2017. I’m nothing if not stupid enough to do two things so scary all in one week.

Next week marks a big change in my life, and though I am scared I am going to prove myself completely unprepared and unqualified, I am not scared of the opportunity it’s presenting. Yes, the time has come to start a new job. I am not used to so much change in such a short period of time.

When I first joined the workforce *beep* years ago the idea of having two jobs in such a short space of time was a completely foreign concept. Not only that, when I was at school we were always told that having too many roles on your CV was viewed as a negative thing to potential employers. According to my career’s adviser, having more than a few jobs on your CV (and certainly having more than one job in a 12-month period unless you were temping) would apparently give them the idea that you were flighty and unreliable.

It doesn’t seem like five minutes ago I was getting excited about the job I am currently in, about the fact that I would have money coming in again and have the ability (and income) to support myself after months of relying upon handouts that I wished I hadn’t had to claim, and if I am honest barely covered even the smallest of essentials.

When I start my new job I think that I will also be starting a new stage in my life. In the most simplistic terms I am going up in the world (though my income will be dropping temporarily); I will be a manager, I will eventually be recruiting members to a small but hopefully efficient team who will work together to make projects run smoother; my social life will hopefully take an up-turn when I am able to go out during the week as my nights will no longer consist of “home, eat, digest, bed”; I will also be able to, hopefully, get back in shape. Though it sounds like a feeble excuse (and believe me, I have heard this so many times I have lost count), 12-13 hour days are not conducive to a massively healthy lifestyle. I am so tired when I get up that thought of the gym is the last thing on my mind, and I am so tired when I get home that all I want to do is sit on the sofa and watch something on Amazon Prime until 8.30/9pm and it’s lights out.

Last week I put the first step in motion to get my social life moving again; I contacted the person who’s in charge of the book club I had to leave earlier this year when it became apparent that going straight to an evening meet-up after being out at work from 6am was not going to cut it with the head of the household (the furry one is in charge). She was happy to hear from me and told me that they’d kept my spot open in the hope that I would return. I felt overjoyed that I had done something positive.

Today I contacted a gym. I need to get back in shape (or get into shape) and I am rubbish at being accountable to myself, so paying out for a gym membership and getting reminders when I miss a session seems the best and most likely route to something resembling success. Of course, contacting the gym means nothing if they don’t actually get back to me, I just guess I have to wait and see what they are going to say if they bother to respond. As with everything it’s a game of wait and see when I’m not the one who can provide the necessary information.

As well as being a big week for me professionally, Wednesday November 1 also marks the first day of NaNoWriMo 2017. It’s strange, but this is something I have been building up in my head for so long that I feel more anxiety about it than I do about the new job. I have been planning my novel for nearly 10 months; I have characters (the main character name changed just last week, thank you @Palmetto for being so patient and letting me talk it through while you just listened), I have a rough outline, and I have an entire futuristic dystopian society. I have been busy and this story (which has a title I finally like) has consumed every waking thought when I haven’t been doing something for work. Though…actually it’s probably consumed a lot of that time too if I am honest!

I know I am not very active on here right now, but I am hoping that I will be able to at least post my word count progress and feelings about NaNo here. Of course, I will definitely post something about my first day, week, month in the new job. The role is such a massive departure for me (utilising my skills but in a totally different way), and I have always found that putting my feelings down on paper (screen) helps to make them much clearer and less abstract. Everything is put into more realistic perspective when it’s written down.

Have any of you ever started a brand new job with the anxiety that you aren’t qualified? Do you start to wonder how they managed to pick you? Why they hired you? Why they were so keen? These are fears I am beset with on a daily basis, I just need to switch them off (ideas?).

Also, is anyone else doing NaNo this year (I know some of you are)? How prepared do you feel for the 30 day trip? Is anyone else thinking that there is no such thing as too much preparation/organisation? What methods do you use to keep your thoughts straight when you are writing at such a high volume for such a concentrated period of time? I have been looking at EverNote and Workflowy, though I am not sure either of them are really what I should be using (or if they were even designed for the purpose). Thoughts?

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