Pleasantly surprised

Promising interviews and unusual interview days don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Well, I didn’t think so, until now.

After all the umming and ahhing the other day I finally decided not to go to the interview I was meant to have on Friday. I decided this because of a single factor.

I got a phone call on Thursday afternoon letting me know that a job I didn’t think I had a hope in hell of getting seen for was now a possibility. I also got a call about a job I applied for on Thursday morning, and as I sit here now on Saturday afternoon I am ready to go to the interview. This being the case, I felt confident in letting the Friday interviewers know that I was pulling my name from the pool. Sure, it could have been a good job, but the work itself was not going to be something I felt comfortable doing.

Has anyone been to an interview on a Saturday? To me, it comes across as a little desperate on their part. It may well be that they are just keen to fit in around the time that people who already work full-time have available. However, I am not someone who likes to get out of their slouchy clothes on a Saturday and put on make-up and do my hair. On Saturday I get my housework done, do the laundry, then sit down and write, or pretend to write, while catching up on my tv shows. I like doing nothing, I like sitting around in my day pjs and feeling like an exhausted sloth – mostly because by Saturday I am one. Saturdays find me sitting on the sofa in a tidy flat, Darcy snuggled up by my side slowly covering my legs in her fluffball fur. I watch rubbish TV, listen to inspirational music, and think about NaNo and the novel that is quickly becoming well-rounded.

Anyway, I can’t complain, it seems that almost every job I am applying for I am, at least at present, getting an interview for. The rest of it is down to me and their decisions. I am still waiting, on tenterhooks to hear about the second interview for the job I really liked the sound of (and the people who interviewed me, I actually get on better with men in an office environment).


Well, I had better finish getting ready so that I can show myself at my best even if I have doubts that this job is one worth going for (you never know, some things are much better on the inside than they seem on the outside).


One thought on “Pleasantly surprised

  1. I think you are doing the right thing. It’s tough, interviewing for jobs. But the fact that you are getting interviews at all is a major feat, in my estimation. I got NO interviews until the job I eventually got. So, I feell like you’re the bee’s knees for all you are doing.
    YOU GO, IANTHE! You’re my heroine!


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