Something stupid

Finding a job is hard, but knowing when the job isn’t right for you when you’re worried is even harder. I have an interview for something I KNOW is not right for me, how do I get out of it?

I have a job interview tomorrow, I think I mentioned it in my post yesterday. Unfortunately, I still don’t want to go to it. I know that it’s a job, I know that I need a job, but I don’t think that this job is for me.

I know, you probably don’t see the problem, and I’m not surprised, mostly because it’s all down to a stupid superstition I have. Here’s the thing; over the years I have noticed a strange correlation between things that I do/say and how other things turn out that appear to be completely unrelated. Bear with me, I know it sounds absolutely insane, but honestly. Last year, over two months before I found out that I was being made redundant, I went for a job interview. After going to the interview (the job seemed really good, had a healthy salary, and the opportunities for travel etc were a really nice bonus), I had a change of heart and decided that I should be loyal to the company that I was with, so I told a tiny little porky about why I wanted to think about the job a little longer. The offer for employment was withdrawn, and not two months later I found myself desperately searching for a job as I was made redundant from the one I was stupidly being ‘loyal’ to.

This same scenario actually happened over three years before, too. I had an interview at a company, again international travel was involved, the company seemed really good, as did the opportunity. I hemmed and hawed about the decision and eventually it was pulled off the table, and then I was made redundant. Seriously, are you seeing a pattern here?

Now, this job is shit (okay, the one I am in and the one that I have an interview for tomorrow), but am I headed for another similar scenario? I know that my time at this place is coming to a close because they have made no bones about the fact that my role will no longer exist as of the end of the year, however, if I go for this job and get offered it am I going to accept out of fear that I will get nothing else and then find myself in a frying pan/fire situation?

I feel like I am banging my head against a particularly hard brick wall right now. I haven’t heard anything about either of the other roles that are on my radar, yet I was meant to have been in a second interview for one of them today or yesterday (and my chase email has gone completely unanswered).

Anyone have any wise words? Am I shouting out into the ether and no one can hear me?

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