Writing is a craft; it takes time, dedication, and a certain level of skill. Unfortunately for me, right now these all appear to be missing. Does anyone have any idea where I can find them?

I had all these plans for this weekend. Knowing that all the housework was done, and that, with a new floor, new sealant around the bath and having ensured that the only remaining chore was done last night, I told myself today was for planning and writing.

Of course, every single plan has to hit a glitch at some point; my glitch is writer’s block. I have written the same two opening lines five times this morning as I enjoy my caramel latte in the local coffee shop. I am listening to the music of pain (thank you for that definition Joss) and while it would normally inspire me to write something heartbreaking, or full of anguish, right now there is NOTHING…it’s as though every single idea that ate at my brain this week has vanished into nothingness and I can’t find a single thought that will lead anywhere.

Right now I want to tear my hair out (but that would achieve nothing except cause baldness), or yell at my muse (Sophie), but sometimes the words just aren’t there. I was so hoping that the words would come as I have time, which is a rarity, perhaps it will happen later, maybe after I have had a soak in the bath, or meditated.

I gave the NaNo courses on offer from Wesleyan a lot of thought. But ended up deciding that signing up and paying for them was not something I could really commit to all the time I am doing 12-hour days. The courses are open for sign up until February next year, so there is still time to prepare for NaNo2018.

In addition, a warning for anyone who looked at the email and thought “Wow, that’s a brilliant deal”. It’s not quite as good as you think. The four cycles of two weeks are actually $29 (£22) each. So, while the email says “The course is $29” that’s not actually the case, it works out at over $100. That might still be a really good deal if you can a) afford it and b) have time to do four courses at the same time. Yep, the courses are NOT two weeks each, they are all four weeks. Luckily you can sign up to do the courses without the grading and support (just watching the videos and reading the accompanying texts, so I think that’s probably what I will end up doing.

Anyway, the British summer is doing the usual (gorgeously sunny and sudden violent downpour), I still have groceries to get as I have nothing to eat for lunch or dinner this evening, and at some point in the next hour my cooker will be ready to wipe clean of the cleaner I poured into it so that it again looks like new, so I better get on with things.

Before I know it, Saturday will be gone and Sunday will be almost over and I will have done absolutely nothing. I just need to focus on one thing and then hope that everything else falls into place.

Here’s to all the writing I want to do, and all the things I would like to get done before my cousin comes for curry and cocktails next Friday.

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