The oddness of interviewing

Odd interview information within, handle with caution, but it might make you laugh (maybe).

Occasionally I have interviews for jobs (nowhere near as frequently now as this time last year, that’s for sure). With my contract coming to a close in my present job (maternity cover hire), I have started to put the feelers out for a job which is slightly closer to home; here ‘slightly closer’ can be seen as meaning less than 90 minutes away using public transport.

Yesterday I had my third interview in roughly four weeks. It was for a small local company. They had been let down by a previous applicant who had accepted the role and then decided that they didn’t want the job for ‘personal reasons’. I didn’t say, but I didn’t really want to have to take time off for the interview and the interviewer was kind enough to agree to meet me after work in a cafe relatively local to where I live. Of course, public transport (and an incident involving an ambulance, paramedic vehicle and police car) conspired to make me late. I finally arrived 10-minutes later than I would have liked, but the interviewer kept me waiting a further 20-minutes, meaning we started 30-minutes late.

The interview seemed to go smoothly enough, though I fear the company is a little set in its ways (loves spending far too much on print promotions in the form of double-sided folded brochures that are posted – yes, using mail), and has yet to discover the wonder of targeted advertising using social media and a website which requires a massive overhaul.

I am not sure that I have reached desperation-point yet with regards finding a new job, but as someone rightly pointed out to me today, “you can’t go on as you are, you’ll end up really ill”. However, the early wake-up and early nights (which never prove to be as early as they should be even when I am in bed by nine) are taking their toll; my social life took a massive whack very early on, Darcy constantly misses me (next Tuesday I will have had her for a year, and it’s been amazing), and I really badly want to start a course which starts on Monday (creative writing for NaNo) but I am not sure when I will fit the work in which will be needed to ensure that it’s money well spent, and worth the effort.

I miss late nights chatting with my friends, Thursday night drinks and movies with a friend I have only relatively recently reunited with, and not having to leave family events early so that I can get up for work the next day (I missed all the fun of my nephew’s birthday because I had to be home by eight).

I have another interview on Monday as it appears that jobs in Worthing come round incredibly rarely, but when they do it’s in little clusters (Monday’s interview will make four in just over a month). I know that yesterday’s interviewer is looking to make his decision by the end of the week, but with my manager out on Friday and me out on Monday I won’t be able to do anything about notice or anything if I get offered this role until Tuesday at the earliest.

On the one hand, changing things in a company that hasn’t updated anything since the 90s could be an incredible challenge, a great opportunity to expand my experience and test my skills to their limit. On the other hand, it could be an absolute disaster waiting to happen. A company so set in its ways could mean I would be constantly fighting an uphill battle for change and improvement!

Of course, right now it’s more a case of speculation. I haven’t been offered the job yet, and I might not even be on the consideration list. I was told that I am one of four they are seeing before Friday (when he hopes to make the decision). I am not going to count my chickens, or start panicking before I have something to actually panic about. However, I do need to think carefully about what I would say if the role is proposed to me. It’s a lot to think about even without an offer!

The last time I was offered a job while I was in employment I turned it down and then lost my existing job; do I want to end up there again?

Has anyone else been in this situation; having applied for a job, knowing that you are possibly going to need a new role in the very near future, and unsure of whether you actually want it or not?

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