So busy

Baking, interviews, then baking some more. My weekend is already looking as though it’s going to be filled with lots of sugar and butter.

Well, I seem to make a rod for my own back. This coming weekend my oldest nephew turns 20. My sister contacted me on Sunday evening and said that she was thinking they were going to go with a Luau theme. Okay, thought I, and then came the stupidest comment from me (believe me, I say a lot of them) “Do you need me to do anything?”

Headdesk moment! I have already got a lot to do this weekend, I have a cake commission which is being picked up on Saturday morning, cupcakes and a gluten-free cake, all decorated and ready for a paying client. Yes, I am that stupid.

Of course, nothing happened with the offer to my sister until today – she’s nothing if not consistent in her lack of contact for days at a time (I don’t know why, as she seems to be permanently glued to her phone). I was at lunch when I got a message “cupcakes. carrot, chocolate fudge, vanilla”. That was it. So, of course, I had to ask her how many, it could be anything from three to 24, right? Wrong, it seems. 42. She wants 42. Had she said 48 I could have understood it, but 42 is a really odd number when you consider cupcakes are baked in trays of 12.

Oh well, I have a nice challenge ahead of me. In total this weekend I will be baking and decorating 72 cupcakes (luckily that IS divisible by 12) and one gluten-free baby shower cake (this is going to be the biggest challenge). Unfortunately, this weekend I lost the use of my beloved Kenwood when it finally decided to stop working (to be fair it was nearly 40 years old and had been used for everything from making bread, to beating numerous batches of rich buttercream in a multitude of colours and flavours). I have invested in a new one, but I don’t think that this new blueberry something or other will replace the Kenwood in my heart.

Oh, and I have a job interview on Friday (so the end of this week is set to be a busy one, but one that I am truly looking forward to).

Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t screw up the cakes, and that the interview also goes really well.

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