Another week

Another week has just begun, and hopefully it won’t end with another 3 hour commute.

Well, another week has begun and (as I predicted, albeit off-page) I am still waiting to hear about that job. However, I am still hopeful that whatever the result it will be what it’s meant to be.

This weekend was a mixture of positive and negative. On the negative side, there is the fact that I spent so much of the weekend sleeping because I was trying (impossibly) to catch up on the sleep I miss during the week, and the weather sucked! On the positive side we have the fact that I am a step (or three) closer to getting new flooring in my kitchen, I managed to pay my tax rebate into the bank, and I am another step closer to getting my new laptop.

I have decided that I am going to get a MacBook, there were so many signs and you can only ignore them for so long before they virtually slap you in the face!

I spent a few moments this evening looking through the new MCU promos and the first thing I thought when I saw the new Thor: Ragnarok promo (as screened in Hall H this weekend at SDCC) was “It’s 1980’s rock!” The bright colours, the thud of the soundtrack and the face paint.

I was then annoyed that I missed the few moments when the pirate Infinity Wars promo was online (thank you so much job!). I also then spent about an hour drooling over the poster for Infinity Wars showing Steve Rogers with a beard (drool).

Source: Empire magazine

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