Digital dilemmas

I have to get a new machine, but I have no idea what. I have specific needs, but reducing it to a list hasn’t helped.

I seem to be on a roll with the alliteration, but it does make the titles sound more interesting (at least I think so).

Right, to the crux of the matter. My laptop, my beloved RAB is slowly dying; the screen turns red and pixelated whenever I tilt it slightly, and the processor has started to overheat far more often than I would like (in that I would prefer it didn’t overheat at all).

I have been saving for a while to get a new machine (because who can write, or freelance, without a working computer these days?), and then last week my savings got a huge boost in the form of a tax rebate. So now, instead of having a longer period to decide I am realising that I need to make a decision soon, and get something that can do the job my behemoth does (RAB is six years old and heavy) but both lighter and quicker.

I never thought that having more money to make my choice would be an issue, but every time I look at the balance I think “I could get a cheap ass laptop then buy a new washing machine and fridge” (not that I currently need either). My mum has a nice (and cheap) Acer, she got it around the same time I purchased RAB and it’s lasted, but she uses it once a week, watches TV shows on it and that’s really it, whereas I use RAB every single day, and on the weekends I am online and writing/researching/chatting for almost 17 hours at a time. Yes, I realise that this is a possible issue, but a writer needs good, reliable tools, and I am not sure that a cheaper machine would be that for me.

So, ignoring the cheaper machines which would leave more money in my bank account, I now have to start looking at the top-of-the-range machines and decide which one is best for me and my working lifestyle:

Apple: High price tag, good sturdy machines, elegant chassis, lightweight, no good for gaming…my SIMS games (though being fair I haven’t played in over a year). MacOS

Dell XPS: High price tag, light, sturdy machines, perfect for gaming, WIN10 OS (I have to admit I am not hugely keen on this OS).

I am sure that there are a lot of people out there using different machines so I would love to hear what you would personally recommend from experience.

As an aside, most of my experience has been with Windows machines (since I purchased my first computer in 1995), but I have been using a Mac for the last six months.

I need a machine that can work with MS Office (because it’s what my clients use), and can handle multiple browser (by multiple I mean I currently have 11 windows open) sessions.

5 thoughts on “Digital dilemmas

      1. I have *knock wood found my Mac to be more reliable than Dell (personal experience). And once I found that happy place, I haven’t really considered any others.


    1. I actually ended up deciding to go with a Mac, mostly because I am not incredibly keen on the Windows 10 OS and I couldn’t see why I should pay so much more for a machine with the same hardware as one I purchased 6 years ago. I know we’ve had a few more incarnations of the i7 since then, but does that make it worth over 400gbp more? I am not denying that Windows machines are good (I have been loyal to them since Windows 95) but if I am paying that much for a machine I want to be able to see the differences. I was looking to replace a Win 8.1 touch screen, 4-core i7, 16gb RAM, 1tb HDD and wanted it more portable, I got that 6 years ago for under 1k (GBP), to get something similar now but with a smaller screen definitely was the same sort of price as I ended up paying for the Mac.


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