Weekend, writing, and work

Writing, the weekend and work, all these things have a dramatic impact on my life. Here’s how they were this week.

And there we have alliteration!

It’s been a few days since my last post (which I was relieved to find didn’t have me hung drawn and quartered). I have to be honest and say that I didn’t post my views on Tumblr, as the fans are so rabid over there that it’s actually terrifying. They are still posting about how the movie was a beacon for women everywhere (don’t see it personally, but that is my view, and those are theirs…difference between us is that I don’t force mine down other people’s throats and then blast them with abuse when they disagree). Anyway, less of that, that was the last post I made, and this is a whole new one which is, as you can see from above ‘the weekend, writing and work’.

First we’ll get the more unpleasant stuff out of the way, and then get onto the cheery things.

Work sucks! A few weeks ago we were moved into a new department (I am sure I mentioned it), and with this move came the removal of the benefits we had previously enjoyed such as:

Working from home when the need arose (e.g. Doctor’s appointments, visits from estate agents/landlords, parcel deliveries).
Flexi-time and time off in lieu (TOIL), we are no longer entitled to either of these, so if we end up staying for an extra hour or two we have been told that this is ‘expected’ so the time cannot be claimed back.
Two people now have to be at their desks at any one time. Of course this falls down when someone is off sick, someone else is on holiday and the manager is enjoying the benefit of WFH that we are now denied. This means that my hours of work are viewed negatively by the rest of the team (I work 7.30 – 4 and they do 9 – 5.30).

With all of these changes has grown a stack of resentment from the entire team, especially when we see other people taking laptops home to WFH, or the manager who told us it was no longer an option WFH twice a week (every week). There is no clear line, no clear management, and I wouldn’t be surprised if, in a month, they found themselves having to recruit a whole new team.

The good side of this development is that I have been applying for new jobs, and will, soon, with any luck at all, be moving on to pastures new a little closer to home, a better salary, and a return to something resembling a social life.

Now that the unpleasantness is out of the way I can get on with more friendly things.

The weekend: I have been waiting for it all week, and today I have cleaned the flat, done my laundry, and I am now sitting at my laptop writing this post. I have very few plans for the weekend, though tomorrow evening (if my nephew gets home in time) I will be writing a review of Spiderman: Homecoming. I am hoping that Marvel will cleanse my palate of the DC debacle from last weekend. On Monday my landlord is coming to do a check of the property (to make sure that I haven’t done any damage to it or anything – ha, a joke and a half if ever there was one). This has meant that much cleaning has had to be done, and tomorrow I will be going to the garden centre (yay, one of my favourite places) to get a new plant to replace one that was eaten and killed by the really bad fly infestations of this year – the heat is good, but seriously that was uncalled for). By tomorrow evening I will have made sure that everything looks good everywhere, and then I will be enjoying a movie.

Writing: I have been doing some. I have found the wonder of Google Docs on my phone and, every single day on my long journey home from work I have been writing up a storm. I have over 1500 words so far, and hopefully will have something finished in the very near future. I have also been doing planning work for NaNo this year, I have every intention of ensuring that the planning I put in place actually gets me to the finishing line, even if I don’t get that local job and I am still doing the commute from the seventh ring of hell.

To end with, I have a really good piece of news! I had a tax rebate…squee. My new laptop is closer than I could have anticipated.

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