Pretty much as I expected

It’s likely going to get me lynched, but films (and the liking of them) is a personal thing, so here goes nothing…

Now, before fangirls (and guys) start getting all irate, this is my view. I feel that I need to say this as I know my opinion is not one commonly held!

I know that a lot of people I have spoken to will think that I am insane, and clearly watched a different film, but here goes. I DID NOT LIKE WONDER WOMAN!

I watched it yesterday, having finally given in to the pestering of a single friend who just would not shut up about what he sees as my unreasonable disdain of anything DC (sorry, I am loyal to Marvel, though I won’t get involved in debates about it, everyone can have whatever views they want, these are mine! Even though the Nolan films went some way to redeeming Bruce Wayne, there were still moments where I watched and thought…nope, prefer Iron Man).

Anyway, my review, in summation, is this:

Extended perfume ad, complete with over-use of flames, slow motion, freeze frame and models rather than actresses. I cannot deny that Gal Gadot is incredibly beautiful, and her accent is enchanting, but an actress she is not. I am not going to deliver spoilers along with personal disappointment, but simply say where I was meant to cry I was laughing so hard that my upstairs neighbour actually banged on her floor. Where I was meant to be incredibly impressed I just thought “Why did they do this? It looks like the advert for Olympea perfume”; complete, I might add, with soundtrack. In fact, as I type this I can hear the ad in my head (so thank you so much for that one, Kanye West is not among my favourite artists) and yes, I still believe that this is what I was watching last night, it just lasted much much longer.

Basically, I didn’t like it, and would definitely rank it in the bottom five of films I have seen this year (not that there have been many), and feel that it has been incredibly over-rated simply because it is the first female superhero film (if you discount Helen Slater’s sojourn as Supergirl in the 80s), and apparently it’s a tick in the right box for feminism. Well, no, for me it was simply a badly written, awfully shot, poorly acted movie, and I want those 2hrs 21 minutes back…

As I said at the beginning, I know that my opinion won’t be popular, but we all have one, and we’re all entitled to voice it. I should have just stuck to watching the action movies and the Marvel Universe. This trip to DC-land has not convinced me that it’s worth another visit.

Now I am going to run and take cover.

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