It worked!

The method was a success (might have to use it again), and even better I can now get on with something else.

It was a long shot, and in reality, I didn’t have much faith that it would work, but it actually did!

Today I sat down at my dining table, looked out the large picture window at my washing as it dried, and finished a chapter that has been playing stupid games with me for over a month.

It seems that the only way I can currently trick my muse into writing is to play games myself, to say that I am incredibly busy and there are things that I really have to do which have nothing to do with writing. I finished chapter 7, liked what I wrote, had it beta-read and then published it on my AO3 account. Yes, I know it’s not original work, but now the chapter is no longer eating at my brain I can work on getting the rest of my NaNo plan written and some character outlines finished. I have to say that I love weekends like this, when my plans actually work!

I am now sitting down, cuddled up with Darcy, watching buns of steel (Steve Rogers) in Avengers Assemble (as it appears there is no such thing as a premiere on normal TV anymore). Not that I will complain about this, as sweaty Chris Evans (not the ginger radio DJ) in a t-shirt far too small for his pecs, is something to admire.

Source: mercmouth @ Tumblr. (Of course from Tumblr.)

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