Method in my madness

I have an idea, only the results come Monday will prove if it worked or not.

Today is the day. Well, I am hoping it will be. It didn’t exactly start with a huge high point (for a coffee lover) when I opened a brand new bottle of milk and lumps came out of it, then I snapped the handle of a water strainer (I live in a very hard water area). Of course, these are but little issues in the scheme of things, and can be easily resolved.

Today is the day I attempt an experiment in an effort to finish writing a chapter of something I have been working on for a month (possibly a little bit longer). I have been getting inspirational help from a fantastic writer friend, but when the muse starts getting distracted by the fact I don’t have anything more important to do I know that I’m in trouble.

Yesterday, while at work, I realised that my muse grows restless and desperate to put my fingers to the keyboard the moment I have something to do that has a deadline. I am determined that this blinking chapter is going to be finished this weekend, so I am going to somehow convince my uncooperative brain that I have a long to-do list and therefore I don’t have the time to write.

Wish me (and my muse) luck in this experiment, it could prove incredibly useful in November.

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