Spring at last

It’s lighter earlier (thank goodness, for those of us who have to get up with the lark), and that means there are bugs about…hand sanitiser is the key.

With the arrival of spring has come, it seems, a lot of lovely bugs (one of which I have been ‘lucky’ enough to catch), but less of that, and the wonders that go with a bug of any type. This week I have been restricted to the flat, but that hasn’t stopped me from doing things, like sleeping, watching far too much TV and wishing my neighbours knew what volume control is.

Spring is definitely on the horizon; on Sunday (before the bug from hell hit full force), I went to a garden centre and purchased a few beautifully smelling plants, a couple of gorgeous bright flowers (which I hope will attract bees), and some herbs that will encourage Darcy to enjoy the outside. They haven’t been planted yet, the sinus infection to accompany my virus has not made it easy to look down.

Anyway, today I decided to take Darcy outside for the first time (okay, not first time, but I don’t think that taking her in a cat carrier – which she no longer fits into – to the vets actually counts). I carried her out onto the balcony and she tolerated it. She didn’t fight to come back in, and she showed a little bit of curiosity about the birds and the trees, but then the loud dustbin men and their truck pulled up outside and that was it for her; she growled and went for my neck like a vampire!

I haven’t posted a picture of her in a while, and I took this one to mark her turning 10-months old, so enjoy.


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