It’s been a while

It’s amazing how much can change in a relatively short period of time, but it has.

Wow. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I sat down and posted on this blog, and in that time SO MUCH has happened.

Continue to read below to find out all the things I have been up to over the last few months, since writing ate my soul and I became a ghost on my own blog:

I got a job
No, you’re not reading that wrong, I managed to find myself a job, and even better, it’s a job where I get to write for a living. I have also managed to pick up a few freelancing gigs to bulk the income as it got more than a little bit low when I was unemployed (I ate through all of my redundancy money trying to make ends meet). I now work as a web editor, sure, the hours are long and getting up at 5am is taking a LOT to get used to, but there’s a pretty good office atmosphere, I see people every day, and I am getting paid to write (okay, it’s not writing fiction, but it’s still writing, and it will look amazing on my CV when I try and find something else after the contract is up).

Darcy is still growing
I am starting to wonder if this cat will ever stop growing. I had to take her to the vets last week to get weighed as the last time I took her in she was just under the 4kg needed to take her up to the ‘big cat’ flea treatment. When I took her in this week I knew that she was bigger, the cat carrier has reached maximum capacity and will definitely require replacing (I am thinking pet stroller – any recommendations?), but when I was told that she’d gained nearly 1kg in less than 2 months I was stunned. My teeny tiny kitten has, at 9 months, become huge, and there is apparently some way still to go.

I finished NaNoWriMo
Yes, that’s right! I actually managed to finish the 50k word challenge. I didn’t, however, manage to finish the story I was writing. At some point the monster gained a life of its own and became something that I neither enjoyed writing, nor liked to read, so it’s now sitting in pieces on my HDD and I am in the process of rewriting it, well, I will be, when I get the urge again!

I joined a dating site (well, 2)
Right at this point in time I am not sure that this was a good move (I am in the process of writing a really long post about my experiences thus far, and will get that up in the next few days). Needless to say, it’s been a minefield; it appears that you reach a certain age and all of a sudden you are either desperate, sad or ripe for a one-night stand or ten! I am none of these things, but it doesn’t stop men from sending me messages on the apps that treat me that way. As I said, more to come on this because my experiences so far have definitely been noteworthy, and hopefully something that people will read.

I re-started the South Beach Diet
…and failed at it after the first two weeks were up by forgetting to eat! That said, I did lose over 1 stone (6kgs). I think that I am just in the wrong mind-set at the moment, all the changes: new job, having money, very long days, and a massive desire to eat chocolate. I will get back there, and I will be as successful as I was last time.

I started to use a typewriter again
I am aware that this is a rather odd one. Years and years ago, back when computers were either just for playing games (Sega) or for businesses (very old double-disk-drive Amstrad), I was still an aspiring writer (wow, 30 years and things still haven’t changed all that much), and the only way I could get my words down on paper and ensure that other people could read it (my handwriting is abysmal, any time I write with a pen it smudges to high heaven, the blessing of being a left-hander) was by using the old manual typewriter that my mother kept in the downstairs hall cupboard. The rest of the story is long, and definitely being saved for a post where I haven’t already bored you with multiple tales of things I’ve been doing. Needless to say, I sourced another machine (I LOVE FREECYCLE), and whenever I have the time I sit at my dining table looking out over the empty space that my balcony was this winter (I really just didn’t have the money or inclination to put loads of plants on it) and type, in 1-hour I wrote over 2,000 words (all of which I will no doubt edit to the point that they may as well not have been written at all, but it’s a starting point!).

Anyway, that’s me, I have loads more to say, but future posts await, and I am going to do my best to be better at it from now on.

I hope that you’re all well, and that life is treating you in the way you should all be treated (amazingly well, unless you’re a genocidal maniac then I don’t know what you’re doing here in the first place).

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