Still no joy

It’s hump day in week ??? of unemployment, and as Lesley Gore famously sang “It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to.”  Of course, in this case, it’s not exactly my party (I have no money for parties, or drinks, or fun), it’s just my swirly of job searching – and being honest, at this point, I fear that a swirly would be more enjoyable!

Last week I had an interview and a registration.  So far, neither has come to anything.  I didn’t expect the interview to, being honest, but I also didn’t expect to get a call yesterday from another rep at the same agency that sent me on said interview asking me about my employment requirements, do they not update records on their system ever?  Right now, said employment requirements are “get a job!”  I was thinking yesterday as I helped a lovely elderly lady find some new books in the library (because I just happened to be feeling happy that I had found a book that wasn’t meant to be on the shelf as the reservations list is endless) that if book shops paid more than minimum, I would be so in there.  I love books,  I love recommending well-loved books, and helping people find the next author on their “must read” list.  Unfortunately for me, book shops that want people like that are now few and far between, they are selling machines just looking to get peoples’ cash in their register!

Oh well, onwards and upwards.  I have found a couple of jobs this week to apply for, though one is in Amsterdam (something I did not realise until I read the job description a little more closely).  I am not against relocating (though I love my flat and being near my friends and family), but Amsterdam is just that little bit extreme.  It reminds me greatly of an exchange between Herc and Carolyn in Cabin Pressure:

HERC: Well … for instance, if … if we’re not in this for the medium-long term, I should probably go to Switzerland.
CAROLYN: Well, that’s a bit of an over-reaction.

Right now I am still in the first few months of unemployment; applying for something that requires me to move to another country (however perfect the job might be) does seem like it’s a little bit extreme…right?  Would you go for it?

I have found another role to apply for this week, I am currently working on my ‘audition’ piece for it. It’s an incredibly creative role and I have to provide two pieces of original writing with my CV, and an A4 essay explaining why I would be ideal for the position they are recruiting for.  Unfortunately, knowing my luck the way it is right now, the muse that has been sitting on my shoulder pushing me to write (and I have been writing, though it’s fanfic, so not classed as original work) will likely decide it’s time to take a vacation the moment I actually sit down to write the work I want to produce…oh well, I can but try, and I will.

I gave Darcy her first bath this morning; she has a bit of an upset stomach and was having problems, so I sat her in the sink, forced myself to ignore the pathetic little cries she was making, and gave her a wash.  Now she’s not happy with me at all, and is sitting under the table licking her ‘wounds.’  I have no doubt that she’ll forgive me sooner rather than later and all will be well in the D household again…

Hope everyone is well and enjoying life – can you believe how dark it was at 7.30 last night?

Oh, and a recommendation; Julian Barnes’ latest novel is a fictional biography of Shostakovich, don’t read it!

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