Mentally exhausted

Today marks week I don’t know what of unemployment, and it’s starting to take its toll on me emotionally, physically, mentally.  I am shattered (and not because I am working all the hours sent, but because I am not doing anything that I consider productive.

Today I went to yet another agency registration interview.  With every single one I have this hope that I am going to be found a job – or at least be that one step closer to finding the job that I am meant to have.  Right now I am wondering if that is ever going to happen.

Wednesday I went to a strange interview.  It wasn’t strange in the sense that they asked me anything unusual, or it was conducted in a strange way, but I did feel as though I simply wasn’t meant to be there.  They started off the interview 10-minutes late (and as I got there 20-minutes early this was quite irritating), and then proceeded to tell me that they were more interested in new graduates.  This much was fine, but they asked me to go to the interview, I had been doubtful about even putting my name forward, but an agency (again with the agencies) had persuaded me and the company had asked me to go along.  I am doubtful that I will hear anything more from them, in fact, the agency hasn’t contacted me at all since the interview took place.

I am, unfortunately, still waiting to hear something in a positive light from the game company.  I had an update email, but they are still interviewing and making decisions, so I just have to continue to keep my fingers crossed, and hope that they did see something in me (the interview – again, here I think – went well).

I did get a most unusual request today – and I get the feeling that there is an ulterior motive to it on the company’s behalf.  I applied for a job with a digital education agency and it seems that they liked my CV enough to want to find out more.  This morning, just as I was on my way out, I got an email asking me to send them a 90-second video of me telling them why I was perfect for the job.   I don’t even take pictures of myself, I managed to avoid being in photos at my own sister’s wedding and they are asking me to send them a frigging video.  If it weren’t for the fact that now I have applied I have to do everything I can to get the job, I would tell them where to stick their ‘video’ interview.  The cynic in me believes that they are using the video as a way to eliminate fatties, uglies and oldies from their application process without actually being too blatant about it.

What do you guys think about the whole video process?  Has anyone else in the UK been asked to do something like this, and if so, how did you find it?

5 thoughts on “Mentally exhausted

  1. I really am keeping my fingers crossed for you with the game developer job. I don’t understand how you can have so many interviews… and nothing. It seems like such bad luck. And as for the video thing, sorry, I have no advice. I just wanted to sympathise and say that I would hate that too!


    1. I have started to wonder if it’s me, but then I get feedback and they say that I was “ideal for the role but they found someone with just one thing more…” I constantly doubt myself and my abilities but go in there with a ‘can do’ attitude and just hope it’s enough. I am engaging, enthusiastic, a little bit funny and still nothing. I would love it if I got feedback that was more constructive (perhaps). I mean, you can’t get too far on “she was over-qualified” (I can’t do much to change that) or “she’s too techy” (again, can’t do anything to change that apart from remove a job from my CV that employers can’t seem to see beyond) or, and this has to be the best one “she’d get bored…” who the heck are they to judge my emotional feeling towards a role? Right now I want a job that pays me enough to live on and I’ll be happy. Seriously, if supermarket salaries were a little bit higher I would be heading off to my local Tescos right now.


    2. Still not heard anything and it’s been 3 weeks…still feeling hopeful (or at least trying to be), but it’s not looking great as apparently they were making their decision on Monday (just gone). Oh well…


      1. You never know. Maybe someone is on holiday in HR or something… don’t give up hope just yet.


      2. I will wait until Friday (give it a week) and then send an email chaser, to let them know that I am still interested. Perhaps that interest will be what swings it (here’s hoping).


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