Feeling so productive

It’s not even 2pm yet, but today has been my most productive day in a good few weeks.

Since the day I was made redundant I have tried incredibly hard to be positive, get things done, not let the fact that I am unemployed and have no direction affect me, and today I think I actually reached that point!  You know the point I mean; the point where I know that I am doing everything I can, that nothing I am doing could be done any differently, and I am going to find that job, the one that’s meant for me!

Right now I am listening to an old episode of Friends (but to be fair, all episodes of Friends are old episodes now anyway), and thinking, with satisfaction, of the six separate entries I made today on the Govt job site (the one that everyone who’s unemployed, or been unemployed in the last few years, will be familiar with).  Today I have applied for four jobs, and been contacted by an agency about a fifth (for which I now have an interview on Friday).  I spent over two-and-a-half hours filling in a single application form (in my defence I had to write an essay about why I wanted to apply for the job and thought I was perfect for it), and another hour writing and re-writing cover letters for the others.

So positive and productive, that’s me today 🙂

2 thoughts on “Feeling so productive

  1. Go you! I have just got home from work and I have chores to do but can’t seem to escape the gravitational pull of the sofa. Send some productivity my way pleeeeease haha.


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