Monday morning blues

Well, it’s no longer Monday morning, but mine has been the sort of one that goes along with an eternal holiday when you aren’t independently wealthy or retired…it’s accompanied by that dread in the pit of your stomach that is normally associated with “crap, I have bills to pay and am running out of money to do it with.”

Over the last few months, I have filled in form after form, gone for every sort of aid that I am entitled to (which, let me tell you is very little as I am a single woman with no dependents who is capable of working and doesn’t own her own home).  I had a very long call with an IVA company this morning (okay, my IVA company) and they let me know that I am living £400 outside of my means…well sorry, didn’t realise that needing to eat was a criminal offence!  Yes, I am getting that worried.

Today I have spent most of the time I’ve had since waking up (Darcy has figured out how to get my attention – making noises outside my door at stupid ‘o’ clock) on the phone, or negotiating with people at the council offices.  It’s now nearing 3pm, and I have spent four-hours on the phone and one-hour travelling to and from the council offices to talk about council tax!

Oh well.  Also got a call about a job I interviewed for last Friday – appears that while I was incredibly good, came across well on the phone and have all the qualities they would like in an employee, I am still not being put forward for the second stage of interviews as they feel I am over-qualified.  At least they didn’t say “she’d get bored!”

I am determined I am going to tackle the rest of the week in a more positive way.  Today was my Mount Everest and the rest of the week is the journey downhill (at least that’s what I am telling myself).  I have another interview to look forward to, and prepare for, on Wednesday.  I have heard positive things about the proofing test that I carried out last week – they are asking me about rates, hours of availability etc…so that’s good, right?  And I have loads of time to spend with Darcy, she’s growing in leaps and bounds.  I cannot believe that she’s now 17 weeks old, that she’s been in my  home for the last 5 weeks and that she’s looking so beautiful.  Below you can see her with her favourite toy.  I know it’s weird that it’s in the bathroom, but she plays in there when I clean my teeth, do my make-up, have a shower.  In summary, wherever I go so she goes, and if I am in the bathroom she freaks out about the water (and hates the sound of me cleaning my teeth, but this toy distracts her (best investment, cat toy wise, I made).


Isn’t she gorgeous?


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