More waiting

Ever have one of those days when you think that things are going to be either sorted or at least a little bit sorted?  I was sure today I was going to get the “no thanks, they’ve found someone more suited to the role” call that I have been waiting for now for two weeks (the interview was a fortnight ago 2pm this afternoon).  At 3pm I gave up the idea of them calling without a prompt, so I emailed the, normally, very communicative agency rep (as I mentioned yesterday the phone call rarely works, but an email does tend to elicit the right response), only to get an out of office back.  It appears that my agency rep has been out of the office since last Friday afternoon, even though when she contacted me on Friday she mentioned, “I’ll be in touch on Monday.”  Well, Monday has been and gone, as has Tuesday and, as she’s not even in the office I haven’t heard a single word…well, here’s to hearing something, finally, tomorrow.

To say that I am getting frustrated is probably a bit of an understatement.  I know, seriously, a fossil buried in Lyme Regis would know, that the company has found someone more suited (if they wanted to hire me I would have heard by now) but I just want a call closing the door on it so that I can get on with doing other things (not that I haven’t, of course).

I have the interview I have been looking forward to since last Thursday tomorrow morning.  A game company!  A gamer’s dream is to work somewhere where they get previews of games and are working with like-minded people (comic book/movie geeks and nerds – fingers crossed!).  Granted I have likely lost the rights to call myself a gamer over the last few months because I’ve been so focused on the fact that I don’t have a job that I’ve been neglecting my game playing, but that will change as soon as I have found a new role and can feel secure in the knowledge that my bills will get paid again.

On the subject of money I would love to know how anyone manages living on benefits.  Seriously, I received notification today that I have been awarded housing benefits (in a way, thank goodness, redundancy is very quickly vanishing into the ether), but it leaves me £170 short on my rent a month (and I live in a relatively cheap property for the region)…this means that I have to, somehow, find this money, or else starve until I get a new job.  I live in a very expensive region of the country and the properties in the area are blinking expensive, but the money awarded for a 1-bed flat (which I don’t live in) wouldn’t even cover living in a bedsit…it’s ridiculous, and scary!  I am not saying that I deserve more (because I hate it when people play the system, but I have paid in a HELL of a lot more than I have taken out (in the last three years alone I have paid over £15k into the system, and in the 10 years previous to that I paid in at least another £30k yet now, through no fault of my own I am struggling…and there is no more help for me to get…I may just have to bite my knuckles, and go and ask my mum (who’s not in a much better situation) for financial help until I can get back on my feet (oh please, don’t let it come down to that…please).

On another note; I ate food for the first time this week (if there were any fairness in the world I would be a size 2, but unfortunately dieting means you actually need to eat).  I have just watched the last ever episode of Rizzoli and Isles (it made me tear up a little bit), saw the preview for the new series of Marley’s Ghosts (the mini three-episode run last year was something I actually enjoyed), and I am now about to watch night two of Nigella Week on Masterchef Australia (and my least favourite competitor is in the elimination – YAY)…

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